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November 2022

Energere is celebrating its 25th anniversary. 25 years of energy at your service, of ambitious projects, of innovative and efficient solutions, of support towards the energy transition. Immerse yourself in our history!


Energere is welcomed into the GDI family through its acquisition by Ainsworth. Energere now plays a leading role in energy efficiency, smart cities and intelligent buildings.  


To meet the growing needs of cities, Energere’s Smart Cities business unit has created the GHG 360 offering. This service allows cities and municipalities in Quebec to obtain an estimate of their community greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and to estimate the potential energy savings of their municipal buildings. The ultimate goal is to establish and […]


The Fédération québécoise des municipalités (FQM) and Energere launch new services for municipalities across the Province of Québec. They benefit from preferential pricing regarding their street lighting system modernisation projects.


Energere is fiercely entering the market of federal properties and buildings. Energere’s Smart Cities business sector continues its strong expansion and responds to the growing demand of municipalities leaning towards technological integration and street lighting retrofits. The company highlights its 20th year of operation and moves its offices to the Downtown Montreal.


Energere develops innovative solutions for energy infrastructure projects through outsourcing contracts. The Société de développement Angus, author, promoter and manager of Technopôle Angus, have entrusted Energere with the deployment of a district energy loop within its upcoming green neighborhood.


Along with its cutting-edge building energy-performance expertise, Energere offers municipalities a variety of solutions for public lighting replacement and smart control management. Energere also provides innovative technologies for smart and sustainable cities. The City of Shawinigan and the City of Montreal have chosen Energere to implement smart control systems on their entire territory, respectively representing […]


Fondaction CSN becomes a significant shareholder with Energere. Energere receives the Novae Corporate Citizenship Award (Carbon Footprint category) for its project at the Notre-Dame Hospital and is also chosen for an energy efficiency project in 17 schools of the English Montreal School Board ($ 24,6M).


Through a public bidding process, Energere was awarded three major energy-efficiency projects: Notre-Dame Hospital, CSSS du Nord de Lanaudière and CSSS de Trois-Rivières, totaling $50M.


Working closely with the City of Blainville, Energere designs a major energy-efficient project for all of the city buildings.