New energy intelligence services for large multi-residential owners

Montréal, March 21st, 2018 – Énergère and Gaz Métro Plus, lead players in the energy field, have united and combined their teams’ advanced skills in order to offer new energy intelligence services for large multi-residential owners. This partnership brings forward the companies’ respective expertise in both energy efficiency and natural gas equipment maintenance. “We have introduced a unique offer to the market, providing several benefits for multi-residential tower owners using centralized systems to heat and/or cool their properties. We can now recommend flexible and profitable business models and financing solutions,” mentions François Dussault, Vice-President, Energy Infrastructures at Énergère.


“Renovations and building maintenance are everyday concerns for property owners, who must always reconcile increased spending and limited rent adjustments,” notes Benoît Perreault, Chief Marketing and Business Development Manager at Gaz Métro Plus.This joint offer made by Énergère and Gaz Métro Plus was specifically designed as a solution to the many challenges faced by major multi-residential owners. “We are able to enhance real estate investment performance while significantly lowering operating costs,” adds Mr Dussault.

Customized technical and financial solutions include energy infrastructure management, modernization and optimization through powerful technologies and added-value maintenance services offered by Gaz Métro Plus. Besides extensive improvements brought to centralized heating and cooling systems, measures also include lighting control, ventilation optimization and energy recovery. These efforts lead to immediate returns on investment, acting as useful leverage in financing active maintenance tasks. Both companies rely on collaborative and customized strategies to identify the best options for each particular building.


The solutions offered by Énergère and Gaz Métro Plus come with guarantees on costs, energy savings and grants. This complete risk transfer secures investments for large multi-residential owners. “Our specialists take full responsibility in obtaining applicable grants. Our various projects have also proven unparalleled energy performance. As a result of our interventions, our clients’ expenses are generally reduced by 20 to 40 %,” says Mr Dussault. “Property owners will benefit from major savings, as well as modernized, effective and well-maintained equipment, which all lead to long-term expense stability,” concludes Mr Perreault.

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About Énergère:
Over the past 20 years, Énergère has become a leading energy efficiency company offering services all over the Province of Québec. As an integrated engineering and construction firm, Énergère implements energy efficiency projects in both the public and private sectors.

About Gaz Métro Plus:
Gaz Métro Plus has been active for 18 years and is 100 % affiliated to Énergir s.e.c. As a frontrunner in natural gas equipment maintenance, repair, retail and rental services, Gaz Métro Plus also offers a wide range of service agreements on various building heating, cooling and ventilation components.

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