FQM/Énergère annoncent un nouveau service d'éclairage de rue/lighting

Québec, February 20th, 2018 – The Fédération québécoise des municipalités (FQM), along with Energere, are proud to introduce new services for municipalities across the Province of Québec. Whether or not they are FQM members, they will henceforth benefit from preferential terms regarding their street lighting system modernization projects.

Consequently, LED street luminaire procurement and installation, as well as the option of implementing a smart lighting controls, will be available through the FQM’s Municipal Procurement Service.

“This new program will enable Québec’s municipalities to modernize their street lighting networks and significantly reduce their energy and maintenance costs. We are talking about an average of 70% in energy savings thanks to LED technology. This will greatly contribute to enhance citizen security, quality of life and generate interest for the area,” mentions Mr. Jacques Demers, President of the FQM.

“The participating cities will benefit from rates that cannot exceed the preferential rates previously negotiated by the FQM. Also, they will not need to comply to the strict process of public requests for proposals, which is especially demanding for public leaders. Thus, throughout the next three years, they will benefit from an attractive service allowing an efficient, safe and environmentally friendly public lighting transition. Furthermore, they will have the opportunity of implementing a smart lighting control system, which is a wireless communication infrastructure leading to the potential development of “smart city” applications,” adds Mr Demers.

Following a strict proposal process and in order to carry out this program, the FQM has selected the services of Energere, specialized in urban lighting and energy efficiency. The municipalities that wish to comply with the program will have access to numerous services, including a free opportunity study, a detailed feasibility analysis, cutting-edge technology and actual implementation with the help of local installation teams. Please note that this program is exclusively intended for cobra-head luminaires.

The company offers turnkey services including maintenance and energy performance guarantees. “We are especially proud of our collaboration with the FQM. It will benefit to a great number of municipalities concerned with their power consumption and the quality of their street lighting networks.” Energere has put together a capable team ready to travel all over Québec in order to meet the FQM’s expectations,” concludes Ronan Vandeputte, Vice-President of the Smart City Division at Energere.

About the FQM
Since its founding year, in 1944, the Fédération québécoise des municipalités was the unavoidable discussion partner for cities in Québec. Wishing to always promote public self-governance, the FQM greatly values human-scale relationships. It largely draws inspiration from consultation and innovative ideas coming from its nearly 1,000 listed municipalities and regional counties.

About Energere
Energere is a leading energy efficiency company and has been active all over Québec for 20 years. As an integrated engineering and construction company, Energere implements energy performance projects in both the public and private sectors. On the municipal market, Energere offers complete solutions leading to advanced technologies aiming for the development of smart and sustainable cities.

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