Increased number of FQM projects

Lumières sur les municipalités de demain

October is just beginning and with the number of applications for retrofitting fixtures to LED technology, it’s a veritable explosion of projects we’ve seen. All of these projects are part of our program, in collaboration with the Fédération québecoises des municipaliés Federation of Municipalities (FQM), existing since 2018.
Just over the last 3 months, Energère has accompanied more than twenty cities towards this environmentally friendly solution that is part of a sustainable development approach.

  1. LED technology

LED technology represents an environmentally friendly solution that also responds favorably to visibility and road safety issues. It stands out thanks to the bulbs’ lifespan, which is 5 times longer than that of the original bulbs. The « dark sky » certification of the selected products also ensures a maximum reduction of the light emitted towards the sky thanks to its directional lighting, while limiting the intrusive light in residences.

  1. Greenhouse gas reduction 

On the environmental front, in addition to protecting the night sky, the cities and municipalities enrolled in the FQM program reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

  1. Energy and maintenance savings

Thanks to this initiative, which is part of a sustainable development approach, cities will achieve guaranteed energy and maintenance savings.

  1. The FQM lighting 

The FQM and Energere are offering all Quebec municipalities preferential rates (obtained by the FQM until 2022) for the purchase and installation of 2,200K and 3,000K LED street lights.
The project can also be enhanced by adding an Intelligent Lighting Management System (ILMS), a wireless communication infrastructure that ensures efficient management of their street lighting network.

Lumière sur le Québec

Follow the transition of Quebec cities in real time:
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