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Le pouvoir de l'équipe, selon Martin Damphousse

The world is constantly evolving, and we’re undeniably facing big social, environmental, and societal challenges. L’Empreinte is a podcast that’s both engaged and engaging, featuring inspiring personalities – leaders and visionaries – who want to make a positive impact on society.

Through captivating stories, our guests share their journeys, their values, and above all, the influence they wish to have around them, and leave as their legacy.

Host Jean Théroux, Vice President of Growth and Innovation, guides each episode to instill a sense of inspiration for today and the future. Whether they’re sharing their successes, challenges they’ve overcome, innovative projects or ambitions, our guests show us that positive change is possible at every level, and each of us can contribute to shaping a more resilient present and a better future.

Team power, according to Martin Damphousse

For the second episode of l’Empreinte, we were thrilled to welcome a guest who wears many hats (13 in all!) and has built quite a reputation in Québec over the years. His open and magnanimous personality allowed us to bring you an authentic episode that’s full of life and rich with anecdotes. We invite you to discover the audacious human behind Martin Damphousse, Mayor of the city of Varennes for 15 years and 59th President of the Union of Municipalities of Québec since 2023.

His story delves into his family history, his relationship with his brother Vincent Damphousse, the role of sports in the development of his personality, and his unequaled professional path, which had many pitfalls, occasionally featured great successes, and was always marked by audacity and perseverance. We discover a figure whose success draws from the power of team spirit. He says it himself: “Above all, I grew up learning that through team sport, that you succeed as a team.”

The notion of teamwork is essential for Martin, and he also shows us that his that his journey and success aren’t linear, and that self-confidence is not innate – on the contrary, it’s built over time, and through key encounters that can change the course of destiny.

And finally, in a conversation full of truth and vulnerability, Martin opens up as an individual, beyond the public and political figure he represents.

Discover the full conversation here.

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