LED lighting throughout the territory of Blainville


Frédéric Gaulin (president of Énergère), Nicole Ruel (municipal councilor and president of the Sustainable Development and Environment committee), Richard Perreault (mayor of Blainville) and Benoit Trottier (project director at Énergère).

Blainville, June 11, 2015 – The Mayor of Blainville, Richard Perreault, the president of the Sustainable Development and Environment committee, Nicole Ruel, and the president of Énergère Frédéric Gaulin, have announced the modernization of public street lighting throughout the territory of the municipality. In all, 3,877 lights will be converted to LED technology.

« This important project will provide an extended responsible lighting throughout the territory of Blainville, according to our values and our objective to preserve the environment and become a model for green cities in Quebec », said the Mayor Richard Perreault.

The replacement of the lighting will last eight months starting this week and the work will be divided into six zones. « In addition to a 57% reduction in energy consumption, new LED lighting improves light conditions, reduce intrusive lighting and enhances the safety and comfort of residents and car drivers. LED technology has a long life, ensuring maintenance savings for the next 25 years », said Benoit Trottier, project director at Énergère.

The City announced, 3 years ago, an energy efficiency project in seven of its municipal buildings. More than thirty energy efficiency measures were designed and implemented by Énergère, reducing energy costs by 26%. This project, completed within budget and schedule, won Energia Award from the Association Québécoise pour la Maîtrise de l’Énergie (AQME) last February and obtained the Stellar Award from the Chambre de commerce et d’industrie Thérèse-De Blainville, on June 3th, 2015.

« The modernization of public lighting helps the environment by reducing electricity consumption and light pollution », said Nicole Ruel. Supported by a $220,800 grant from Hydro-Québec, the City invested $2.7 million and will generate combined energy and maintenance savings of more than $240,000 each year.

Selected to realize the second phase of the City’s energy consumption reduction program, Énergère is the first energy services company to design and implement a street lighting project guaranteeing energy savings and maintenance costs throughout the payback period.

« We are pleased to work with a municipal administration that has a pioneering vision for sustainable development and moves towards its goal. I congratulate the Mayor Richard Perreault and the members of the City Council for their openness and willingness to make changes for the future », said Frédéric Gaulin, president of Énergère.

A communication campaign entitled « Blainville allumée sur l’économie d’énergie », will inform residents about the progress of the project in their area.
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