Notice of Recent Appointments

Frédéric Gaulin, President of Energere, is pleased to officially announce the following nominations:

François Dussault, Eng., Vice-president, Corporate Affairs and Operations
Jean-Philippe Hardy, Eng., Engineering Manager
François Shink, Eng., Construction Manager
Elie Karmouche, Eng., Automation Manager
Philippe Paquette, Eng., Measurement and Verification Manager
Kéven Bilodeau, Eng., Project Manager
Simon Fournier, Eng., Project Manager

François Dussault has a 33-year experience in energy efficiency and mechanical engineering, counting 11 years as Principal Project Manager in the Institutional sector at Energere. Mr Dussault has a front line strategic role within the team. Many energy efficiency projects in the Province of Quebec, namely in the health and education sectors, have been successfully completed through his guidance.

Jean-Philippe Hardy joined Energere in 2012 as Assistant Director of Engineering. Since then, he significantly increased efficiency in engineering activities in a high-growth context and his knowledge was put to use in numerous major projects. Mr Hardy has been working in the field of energy efficiency for 12 years.

François Shink has a 20-year experience in civil engineering and has been fully devoted to energy efficiency project implementation at Energere for 11 years. Accountable for all construction operations, he contributes to all of our projects’ success.

Elie Karmouche joined the team immediately after graduating from ÉTS in 2008. He implemented unparalleled strategies which proved to substantially enhance building energy performance. Mr Karmouche contributed to the development of our high-level automation team.

Philippe Paquette started his career as an engineer in our automation department in 2008. This experience brought him to move up to a leading role as Project transition Manager in 2013. He is now in charge of all post-construction operations.

Kéven Bilodeau first started as an engineer in 2008 and quickly moved towards leading positions in our design department. His ability to synthesize, his overall vision of building energy issues and his strong understanding of the financial aspects of ESCo projects have made him essential in high quality project development.

Simon Fournier joined the team as an automation programmer in 2010, while completing his academic training in construction engineering at ÉTS. He was welcomed in our research and design department in 2012. Thanks to his strong leadership and notable sense for innovation, Mr Fournier is responsible for a great number of innovative energy efficiency strategies.

Founding Partners
For 20 years, Energere’s founding partners – Mr Benoit Trottier, Mr Pierre-André Bouchard and Mr Guy-Michel Dufour – have contributed to the evolution of the energy efficiency market. They have implemented several hundreds of projects throughout the Province of Quebec and provided training for high caliber new workforce. Mr Trottier now mainly contributes to public lighting development and smart city technology deployment. On their part, Mr Bouchard and Mr Dufour both act as expert associates by incessantly bringing their invaluable knowledge and support to the project and design teams.

Energere sincerely wishes them the very best of success.


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