A Renewal for 22 Buildings Across the Riveraine School Board

The President of the Riveraine School Board, Mrs Marjolaine Arsenault, along with Executive Director Mrs Johane Croteau, have announced the upcoming implementation of an energy efficiency project in 22 schools on the territory. By modernizing the selected buildings, the School Board will generate significant energy savings and substantially reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

“Energy efficiency improvement of our buildings, preservation of comfort for our students and employees, as well as environment conservation are all part of our priorities”, declared Marjolaine Arsenault, President of the School Board. “We are investing $8.3 million in order to carry out this energy efficiency project, and received $2 million in financial support from the ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur, Hydro-Québec and Gaz Métro. Work is in progress and will be ongoing until school starts in the fall of 2017.”

“The annual energy costs for all of the school board’s buildings amount to $1.5 million, electricity accounting for 74% of our expenses. By improving energy efficiency in these 22 schools, we will generate yearly savings of $520,000”, added Marjolaine Arsenault. The implementation of 130 measures will lower energy costs by 36%. The project operates on two levels. On one hand, it improves equipment performance. On the other hand, it enhances energy flow and resources. “Energere’s proposal relies on an optimal balance between the inclusion of as many measures as possible, maximization of the project’s economic value and efficient elaboration of sustainable solutions”, mentioned Jean-Philippe Hardy, Engineering Manager at Energere. The company was hired to design, implement and monitor the project’s energetic performances for the next 15 years. In agreement with the company’s business model, Energere guarantees all pre-established costs and energy savings.

The project includes boiler room modernization and implementation of renewable energy heating systems such as heat pumps and aerothermal systems. This technology extracts ambient air energy, as noted by Simon Fournier, Project Manager at Energere. “Also, by replacing obsolete equipment, higher levels of reliability can be reached.” Additionally, Energere’s team of automation programming specialists will expand and strengthen mechanical system controls. This intervention will enable better diagnosis in case of shortcomings, allow remote equipment management and enhance occupant comfort.

The Riveraine School Board will also modernize the interior and exterior lighting systems by converting 14 000 luminaires to LED. “Well-known for its energy efficiency, this new technology offers superior lighting conditions”, adds Simon Fournier. “More than 2 million kWh will be saved yearly, which is equivalent to powering 100 houses! Also, our greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced by 59%. Our environmental influence in the region is very important to us and I proudly highlight the commitment and hard work of our material resources team, under the skillful supervision of Michel Verreault”, notes Marjolaine Arsenault. The project also includes a training program for technical staff and a marketing campaign. “We intend to raise awareness in three ways: by educating the managers, involving the teachers and other employees, and rallying the students around the importance of energy efficiency,” states Simon Fournier. “Personal awareness gradually becomes collaborative when valuable information circulates. The campaign will be launched this winter”, he concludes.

The 22 selected buildings are:
17 elementary schools: Marie-Sophie, La Nacelle, Vincent-Lemire, Paradis, Curé-Brassard, Maurault, Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption, Beauséjour, Despins, Jean XXIII, Le Rucher, Harfang-des-Neiges, Des Arbrisseaux, Marquis, Explorami, Le Phare and Terre-des-Jeunes.
3 high schools: Jean-Nicolet, La Découverte and Les Seigneuries.
2 vocational training centers: Centre Nicolet and Centre St-Laurent.

From left to right:

Jean-Philippe Hardy, Engineering Manager
Simon Fournier, Project Manager

Riveraine School Board
Johane Croteau, Director
Marjolaine Arsenault, President
Kathleen Haley, Director, Material Resources
Michel Verreault, Coordinator, Material Resources
Sébastien Gaudet, Building Technician, Material Resources

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