The Halles St-Jean Undergo Improvements Through Energy Efficiency

The Vice-president of BTB Real Estate Investment Trust, Dominic Gilbert, teamed with the Manager of Les Halles St-Jean announced a major energy efficiency project during the latest Chamber of Commerce networking event.

“Thanks to an investment of over a half-million dollars, we are modernizing our building and providing greater comfort for the Halles’ tenants and clients. This project will improve our building’s environmental performance and reduce energy consumption by 37%,” stated Dominic Gilbert.

The indoor public market Les Halles St-Jean was built in 1970. “We have noticed higher energy consumption compared to other similar commercial buildings,” said Dominic Gilbert. “In addition, the aging equipment and numerous maintenance challenges have brought us to consider a global energy improvement project,” he noted. Consequently, BTB Real Estate Investment Trust called on energy efficiency experts and selected Energere to design, implement and support the project for the next 4 years. “All along that period, technical and financial performance is guaranteed. The investment will entirely be refunded through yearly energy savings of up to $120,000 as well as $82,000 in financial support granted by Hydro-Québec,” mentions Simon Fournier, Project Manager at Energere.

“This energy efficiency project will lead to energy savings by making good use of innovative technologies,” states Simon Fournier. The 100% electrical building will be equipped with a central control system which will enhance global equipment performance. A dozen of outdated ventilation units will be replaced. Office luminaires will be converted to LED technology, improving lighting quality and significantly reducing lamp replacement frequency.

Implementation begins on Thursday December 1st, 2016 and is expected to be completed by February 2017. “This energy efficiency project is part of a global vision at BTB Real Estate Investment Trust, concerned with sustainable development and the building’s growth within the community. We are proud to say that Les Halles St-Jean can now be considered fully smart and sustainable.”

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From left to right:

BTB Real Estate Investment Trust
Dominic Gilbert, Vice-president Leasing
Sylvain Côté, Property Manager

Simon Fournier, Project Manager

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