Énergère commits to the future with the Humano District project

Humano District situé à Sherbrooke

Among the many initiatives currently being undertaken by Énergère, we would like to highlight one of our flagship projects: Humano District located in Sherbrooke.

What is the Humano District project?

This project is marked by the enhancement of natural and cultural heritage involved in the protection of Mont-Bellevue Park, and the revitalization of a former convent : la Maison Générale des Petites Sœurs de la Sainte-Famille.

In addition to the almost complete conservation of the Maison Générale and its annexes, which have been completely refurbished, including the construction of a data center and the refurbishment of the central boiler room, the Humano District project includes several new spaces, featuring a first residential building (H2) with a total simulated area of 18,544 m². These rental condos are currently under construction and the first tenants will be able to move in as early as September 2024.

Énergère will continue its work until the end of 2024, for a total investment of approximately 10 M$. The project’s energy performance made it possible to obtain subsidies of more than 2,5 M$, which will help reduce the financing cost. And for the future, additional phases are already being planned.

Plan Humano District

Inauguration of the Exaion quantum hybridization data center

Humano District stands out especially due to its innovative ecological approach. The project includes the implementation of an energy loop (mixed water loop) connected to the data center operated by Exaion, a subsidiary of the Électricité de France (EDF) group.

Located in the former gymnasium of the Maison Générale, it is the very first eco-responsible and decentralized data center in the world designed specifically for quantum hybridization. It contains cutting-edge equipment, including innovative technologies in security, cooling, and high-performance computing, dedicated to collaboration between the industrial and academic worlds. The proximity to the campus of the University of Sherbrooke was a major advantage for Exaion in the choice of the site.

On February 22, Exaion – surrounded by its Quebec and French partners, including Énergère – inaugurated its data center named Bellevue. This facility positions Quebec as a world leader in eco-responsible innovation.

Heating the district with an energy loop

In a conventional data center, the heat produced by the servers is generally sent outside the building. Humano District has chosen to optimize the use of resources by setting up an energy loop (mixed water loop) which will make it possible to recover thermal waste from the data center. Thanks to Quebec’s 99% renewable green electricity and the integration of innovative technologies combining air and immersion cooling methods, it is possible to recover 100% of the heat emitted by the data center to provide energy, heating and hot water to the entire district.

Énergère’s expertise in the energy loop and the recovery of thermal waste was crucial during the construction of the data center. This more efficient and eco-responsible approach will make it possible to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Expected results

The implementation of the energy loop (mixed water loop) in the heart of Humano District will result in a significant reduction in the energy and environmental footprint. This technology will make it possible to achieve:

  • A 54% reduction in energy savings 
  • A 51% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, representing an estimated reduction potential of 404 tons of CO2 equivalent per year

Savings come from the efficient equipment chosen (including heat pumps and heat exchangers) and the reused heat released by the data center.

Grants to finance the project

Several grants totaling more than $2.5 M$ have been received or will be received by the end of the construction of Humano District:

We are also very proud to be the first authorized project of the Thermal Waste Recovery Program of the ministère de l’Environnement, de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques, de la Faune et des Parcs (MELCCFP). Financial assistance of 1 008 750$ will be allocated for the recovery of thermal waste from the data center. We would also highlight that for this particular subsidy, 50% of the total is paid from the start of the project, offering a noteworthy advantage in the cash flow of the project and its implementation.

Over the years, Énergère teams have developed expertise focused on financing energy efficiency and decarbonization measures. Optimizing financial assistance makes it possible to significantly reduce the payback periods of our clients’ energy efficiency projects.

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